The Centre for Consultancy, Research, and Development (CCORD) was founded in 2008 in response to an overwhelming demand for data, research, and information in the most challenging and conflict-prone environments of East Africa. We have built our reputation on a commitment to quality, transparency, and an endless dedication to meaningful development solutions for the populations we work with.

CCORD unites a network of professionals with extensive hands-on experience managing and implementing a diverse array of research assignments in the region. Our experts bring to the table years of collective knowledge executing comprehensive monitoring and evaluation projects, and are well versed in the highest industry standards for ethical research.

By leveraging our ability to penetrate deeply into difficult geographies of East Africa, CCORD offers development actors a clear, precise view of dynamic situations that would otherwise remain obscure. Our research and reporting provides data, analysis, and synthesis that empowers key actors to make the most well-informed decisions possible, enabling them to effectively answer the uniquely challenging questions facing crisis actors, governments, NGOs, and private entities today.

Through its years of experience, its institutional relationships, and its network of highly capable  consultants, field teams, and technical experts, CCORD offers its clients an attractive combination of international consulting quality with localized, real- time access to all of Somalia without compromise

Organization Structure

CCORD exists to provide industry-leading monitoring & evaluation services   to national and international NGOs, multilaterals, private interests, and government agencies, to enable them to make the best-informed decisions possible.

CCORD aims to be a global leader in monitoring & evaluation of projects by providing industry-leading professional services to humanitarian and development actors.

  • Passion for knowledge – By nature, we are curious, open-minded questioners who love to learn. Increasing collective knowledge and insight for our clients is what we do, and we do it because we’re good at it.
  • Communication – The quality of our work depends on our ability to communicate openly and clearly with our partners. We strive to maintain prompt, courteous, reliable communications with all partners and stakeholders.
  • Respect – Our respect for the individual drives our role as the voice of the client. We are gracious and caring in all our interactions.Center for Consultancy, Research and Development Enterprise (CCORD).
  • Sharing – We support and encourage one another in a collegial environment. We share our knowledge, skills, and expertise with clients and other stakeholders.
  • Creativity – We develop imaginative, inspired, and innovative research approaches and solutions.
  • Ethics – We uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in our
    work and in all our relationships.
  • Integrity and commitment – We attach to individual staff the highest standards of
    integrity, including a strong sense of commitment to tasks at hand in context of the
    broader goals.
  • Equality – We strive to promote equality in all aspects of our work and in our dealing with the myriad minority groups that we work with.
  • Honesty, Credibility and Transparency – We value and focus heavily on honesty and transparency in all our endeavors, which affords us credibility.
  • Accountability – We greatly value accountability to our stakeholders, to our own
    standards, and to all other partners who are working with us now and in the future.
  • Inclusiveness – We value full participation in the communities we work for and with.
  • Objectivity – As researchers, we understand the value of unbiased research and
    endeavor to perform it.
  • Investment – We produce reliable and high-quality research in exceedingly complex
    contexts, but we don’t stop there. Our organization focuses heavily on making long-term
    investments in building the capacity of local staff.

Our approach is practical, creative and collaborative. We listen and integrate the vast experiences of our clients as we work together to find practical solutions to professional challenges in a dynamic development world. Our focus is on clients’ needs for practical solutions with excellent results.
We maintain a core team of experts who offer technical knowledge, insights and expertise. We ensure tight quality control, value for money, and the
best results for all our consultancy assignments. We conduct effective and robust research,evaluations, and surveys coupled with precise statistical analyses to provide clients with the decisive and clear answers they require.
Our team is collaborative by nature, but our experts are also able to independently design comprehensive studies to provide answers to your organization’s questions. Should you have your own research experts, we are happy to collaborate on study design, or we can simply execute a project per your organization’s guidelines and requests.
If you have specific questions about our technical capacities, please contact us today at

Field Presence

The firm is able to rapidly deploy skilled enumerators across Somalia because of its investment in a robust network of well-staffed sub-offices, strategically placed in each federal member state. These are supported by CCORD’s headquarters in Mogadishu and enjoy backstopping from CCORD’s liaison office in Nairobi. CCORD is structured with a staff complement that allows for efficiency and maneuverability between field operations and office-based work. The firm maintains a full time field staff of 25 enumerators placed throughout the following sub-office locations.

Most importantly, each sub-office hosts field staff who represent each respective sub-region’s major clan and sub-clan groups, collectively affording coveted access to the entire country. When a client needs to access an area with a unique or distinct local dialect, CCORD has in place the locally-appropriate field staff to accomplish the task. The firm’s field coordinators and sub-office leaders can dispatch enumerators who speak the appropriate dialects of Maxaatiri or Maay where necessary, and consistently cultivate long-standing trusting relationships with project beneficiaries, community elders, CSOs, and local NGOs alike.


Figure 1: CCORD sub-office locations


As a longstanding consulting firm, CCORD enjoys relationships with a broad network of technical specialists and field staff across East Africa. The firm is able to capitalize on these relationships on short notice, calling on the appropriately talented consultants to fill staffing requirements when necessary, in addition to adding backstopping when human resources are required. A supplemental complement of 50 auxiliary field staff remain on standby throughout Somalia and can be mobilized for training and independent deployment or can be sent to augment and support already deployed field teams.

Real Time Situational Feedback

As a result of its diverse workforce, CCORD enjoys social and political capital that directly benefits the firm’s clients. Field teams are in regular contact with management and liaison officers, translating to real-time situational updates that can mean the difference between project success and failure. At the local political level, maintaining strong relationships with respected community elders and leaders means our clients enjoy stable access to otherwise difficult to access communities; at the  federal level, CCORD’s network extends throughout government agencies and ensures the right levels of access and advocacy can be achieved for client goals.

Such operational capital has additional benefits for our clients. Given the frequent changes of control over certain areas of land as al-Shabaab continues to engage in armed conflict with international and FGS forces, many international firms and organizations find it difficult to access areas where projects have already started. CCORD’s field staff are able to advise on potential access and security issues in pre-launch Situation Reports (typically generated at the onset of inception activities). In cases where evaluations must take place despite the presence of al-Shabaab fighters or other insecurity issues, the firm is often able to use its local expertise to develop alternative plans that meet or exceed client requirements while navigate challenging and dynamic environment